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  • Bare


    Bareback Raunch - Sc 4

    Mid Afternoon Dip - when the weather is hot the only place to be is the pool. And when the men are equally as hot the o [...]

  • CyberBears


    Bear Xing - Sc 1

    Danger, Bear Crossing! Keep your eyes on the road, or who knows what you might see... For one thing, you might see Jake [...]

  • Falcon TV


    Winter Heat - Sc 1

    With their pals out on the slopes, Nash Lawler and Kai Ford stay indoors for fun and games. Nash dominates, ordering Kai [...]

  • Dirty Dawg Productions


    Needing Breeding - Sc 5

    You can hear the rattle of piercings in this scene as Dick Disco and Chad Brock fuck bareback like the sex pigs that the [...]

  • Bare


    Top Brass - Sc 3

    It gets boring on base - a game of cards relieves the boredom for a while but it's obvious what is really on these milit [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Extra Credit - Sc 2

    Who knew this kind of hot action was going on in the staffrooms of high schools and colleges while everyone had their no [...]

  • SexGaymes


    M.V.P. - Sc 1

    After the ball game' takes on all new meaning in this one-on-one jock fuck video. Two muscled baseball studs hit the loc [...]

  • Bare


    Cream of the Cocks - Sc 4

    There's barebacking boys and barebacking men in this video - the common thread is cream cream and more cream. It's insan [...]

  • High Octane


    Room Mates - Sc 3

    Roommates Michael,Luke and Matthew are putting new meaning to the term 'rentboy' in these threeway video. The muscled ho [...]

  • BangBangBoys


    Circle Jerk

    I put together a hot team featuring, Kaio, Roney, Leo, and newcomers Brian and Marc. It was a very interesting to shoot [...]

  • CyberBears


    Steamy Encounters - Sc 5

    T.P. checks out the gym, where he joins six more muscular, horny guys sucking, rimming, and fucking together like dogs i [...]

  • Falcon TV


    Basic Plumbing 2 - Sc 4

    We all hope every time a tradie turns up that he's hot and ready to fuck. Here's your fantasy on screen - let's hope th [...]

  • Dirty Dawg Productions


    Three The Hard Way - Sc 4

    Here's three sacks I'd like to see cum down my chimney - Colin Steele, Lee Denim and Chad Brock. Chad starts out on his [...]

  • Hot Dads Hot Lads


    Anthony London & Lucas Knight

    Muscle dad Anthony London and jock lad Lucas Knight keep in shape by working out at the gym. They notice each other in t [...]

  • Bare


    Milking Massive Dicks - Sc 2

    If there's one thing that will make you drop your mobile it's having your massive dick sucked by a deep-throating champi [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Alex Eden and Damian Rios

    Damian works his way down Alex's hairy chest to the bulge in his pants and finds a nice big fat cock to work. He swallow [...]

  • Tribal Twinks


    Coco and Angel

    Here's what I love about this video - there's a part where these two are fucking against a tree and Angel is grinding wi [...]

  • On The Hunt


    Trevor, Josh and Arie

    Trevor films Josh and Arie while they make out, and Josh ends up devouring Aries’ thick cock. Underwear flies off, butt [...]

  • SexGaymes


    Scott Tanner and Victor Steele

    Blond muscleman Scott Tanner, with his Nordic clean-cut good looks, and contrasting dark scruffy rock-star Victor Steele [...]

  • Ricky Raunch


    Jack Holden and Ray Boy

    Ray Boy's face is nuzzling Jack's hairy manbush as he eagerly devours his thick cut cock. Ray Boy stands over Jack's co [...]