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    Andres, Angelo, Austin, Pedro, Petter and Sebastian

    This lineup is stunning with muscles and hard cock in every direction.

  • Bare


    Double Dipping - S5

    The highlight is when R.J. cums with David Samson fisting his ass. R.J. has a true, visible out-of-body experience. The [...]

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    Big, Bigger, Biggest Pt2 - Sc 2

    Tristan Phoenix is already on his knees with Antonio Biaggi's massive cock in his throat. Tristan works his way up and d [...]

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    Ass Stretchers 5 - Sc 6

    If you like aggressive muscle studs, you'll love TARIK: beefy butt, bulging pecs, big dick, and lots of machismo. The ma [...]

  • CyberBears


    Eros Encounters - Sc 3

    T.P. Deaux totally tops submissive bottom Tony from lips to hips, before shooting a heavy load on his chest. There's a g [...]

  • Rearstable


    Bang That Ass - Sc 3

    Marcos pumps Max until neither can take it anymore and he shoots his load all over Max's muscular chest. Max can't help [...]

  • Fetish Force


    The Shaft - Scene 3

    Damien Drake and Ivan Andros. Talk about a pairing--both men are world class beauties, dark and stunning, muscled to the [...]

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    Downright Dangerous - Sc 4

    It's the cum soaked finale of Downright Dangerous and bottom boy Rick Hammersmith is lying on a wooden sling surrounded [...]

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    Fratmen Suck - sc1

    We always love to see the Fratmen hanging out together. We like it even more when we see them getting naked and helping [...]

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    Greatest Shots 4 - Sc 3

    Cum one - cum all - its an explosion of cum shot after cum shot in this greatest Fratmen shots. Tasty indeed!

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    Cum On Crackers

    Chit brought some snack for his friends to share but these boys are too naughty to just accept and eat them. They come u [...]

  • Treasure Island


    Bruthaload 3 - Taye Part 2

    We couldn't get enough of him the first time. This time we had him blow his load on a glass-top table, for something a l [...]

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    Hot Properties - Sc 5

    Brandon Irons and Pierce Daniels are pitted against Marc Williams, and Troy Punk. Oral sex is intermixed with over-the-t [...]

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    Centurion Muscle - Scene 1

    Ken Braun and Erik Hunter devour each other, pushing both their sensual and physical limits right to the edge. The shee [...]

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    Raiders of the Lost Arse - The Mummy

    Watching Jeff Allen and Simon Cox is Bryce Pierce, the mummy, who comes to life in a scene that is perhaps the finest se [...]

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    Elliott - Up Close 2

    Elliott is not one of the most outgoing Fratmen as we discover in his interview. But hey we're just here to watch him j [...]

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    The Spencer Show - A Bromance Sc 1

    This is a behind the scenes look at the goings on at the Fratpad and in depth interviews with the Fratmen. Also contain [...]

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    Ice Cream Boy - Part 2

    Second installment of Icecreamboy with major sucking, fucking and ending of some hot CUM facials!

  • Treasure Island


    Breeding Ian Jay - Sc 7

    All the cum shots from this truly satisfying fuck-vid.

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    Mirage - Sc 2

    Justin Christopher - the one with the nine-inch, rock hard cock - grabs Max Schutler and takes him aside for some person [...]